Insect bites and stings often cause unpleasant effects, such as acute pain, itching, redness and unattractive skin eruptions. But they may also have much more dangerous consequences such allergic shocks or the transmission of serious diseases (yellow fever, dengue). Paludism is the most widespread infectious disease in the world, responsible for around 2 million death per year. Paludism is transmitted by the female mosquito bite carrying the parasite, Plasmodium. Moustidose has been specially developed to protect delicate skins from insects. These products contain N,N-diethyl-m-totuamide 30% (m/m), an active ingredient perfectly tolerated by babies, children and sensitive skins. For adults and children from 30 months. With its anti-inflammatory properties (enoxolon), it soothes rapidly in case of insect bites